People of Great Britain! Lock up your aubergines! We are coming for you.

This Autumn myself and the band are getting back on the road around the Land we know as ENG to perform tracks from our new album 'Fisher King.' We'll be promoting a new single release around that time and can't wait to share this new music with you in the fleshy flesh, so please do come out and share some air with us in one of the many fine establishments listed below:

September 26th - Acoustica Festival, Exeter
October 8th - Bar 122, Huddersfield
October 10th - Lichfield Guildhall, Lichfield
October 11th - The Lexington, London (with the Southfields String Quartet)
October 12th - Words and Music Festival, Nantwich
October 13th - ORT Café, Birmingham
October 14th - The Square, Bristol
October 15th - Guitar Bar, Nottingham
October 16th - Hackforth Hall, Bedale (with the Southfields String Quartet)
October 18th - Oporto, Leeds

More details and tickets are available at our live page via

See you out there in non-Internet-land...

John & Co x