The glamorous life of a festival musician.

Holla, companions!

I've just returned to civilisation after a week of festival shows in Wales, scraped the dried mud out of my beard, and am now already looking forward to being back in a field for our next festival. What a properly joyful thing it is to ramble around in green spaces, camping and dancing and meeting all sorts of shiny happy people on the hunt for good art and wholesome experiences. A reminder of why I love festival season so much.

It was an absolute pleasure to make our debut at HowTheLightGetsIn in Hay on Wye, a wonderful festival of philosophy and music at which I managed to fill my brain with as many fascinating lectures, debates and documentary films as possible in the two days we were there. Myself and Alison D'Souza loved playing a stripped-down, duo version of our usual festival set, before heading north to Aberystwyth to meet the rest of the band for our show at Fire in the Mountain.

It was my first time in the glorious mountainous loveliness of Wales; what an incredible setting for a festival, and despite hearing and seeing more banjos than I have ever come across before in one small field (is clawhammer-banjo-tinnitus a real condition?!) we really enjoyed being a part of the festival. Thanks so much to everyone who watched our set and came to say hello afterwards.

So, what the fudge are we up to next?

Myself and Alison will be performing at Blue Sky Festival in Corsham on the 13th June (supporting the fantastic Cara Dillon) and again on the 14th.

After that we're heading to Oxford for Irregular Folk, where we'll play on the evening of Sunday 21st June with the full band.

Then it'll be almost time to head straight to Worthy Farm for our shows at Glastonbury, which we are obviously massively giddy about. We're playing the Small World Stage (Greenfields) Thursday 1.15pm, Saturday midday, and we're at the Croissaunt Neuf Stage with full band plus string quartet on Sunday at 3pm.

But before all that I'm heading to Oxford for the final album mix sessions with Graeme Stewart, followed by our mastering session at Abbey Road in London. I'm looking forward to spending a day in those legendary studios, probably being totally useless and spending the whole day prodding John Lennon's old vocal compressor and taking pictures of myself infront of priceless analogue recording gear whilst someone else makes the record sound as it should. 

Stay cool, friends,

John x