Vinyl EP in Production

It is with immense amounts of schoolboy giddiness that I inform you that the vinyl for the new EP is currently in production. Learned men with strong yet delicate hands are carefully cutting the music into heavy metal lacquers so that it can be turned into shiny slabs of delicious black plastic. ‘What is so exciting about that, John?’ I hear you ask in frustration, ‘you interrupted my singing-dog-video Internet session for THIS?!’

Well, let me explain. I’ve become obsessed by vinyl over the last couple of years. In the digital age music is becoming more and more easily-accessible, but also (in my opinion) more disposable. For most of us, our music collection exists purely in the digital realm. You can’t hold it, stroke and lick the cover art, obsessively order it on your shelves or tearfully divide it up in boxes between you and your ex-lover. And to me, this is a shame, because I remember the excitement of going to buy physical copies of my favourite records (albeit CDs, being a mid-90s child) on the day of their release, bounding through town in my painfully unfashionable corduroy trousers, clasping my pocket money in a tight, sweaty grip and following my jubilant thirst for the new sounds of my heroes. Ah, YOUTH!

I started listening to music differently when I got into downloading (at first, illegally, in the early days of Napster and before many of us realised that not paying for the music you download was morally just shit). Although my catalogue broadened my attention span got shorter by the day and I found myself clicking absently through the collection on my iPod, not really engaging with any of it properly. But when I got into vinyl, I loved the seemingly magical way those circular lines produce such a depth of sound, the physical care taken over the production of that circle of black plastic, and the care in turn you have to take in putting it on the player and placing the needle on it. I found myself engaging more with full albums and properly listening in a way I hadn’t for a long time, largely due to the clarity and warmth of the analogue sound, and also due to the attention I devoted to an album when I could see it spinning there on the plate.

So, where was I heading with this? Ah yes, The Little Unsaid’s music is now going to be on vinyl, and this for me is a monumental thing. It’s expensive to produce, and not everyone who listens to my noises will want them on vinyl, this I know. But I thank you all for supporting this project so that those who want it can have one 12-inch record with my sounds on it, and thus I can tick this off my list of necessary achievements in life before I end up six-feet deep.

And if, one day, I should make it to a ripe old age where I’m allowed to be cantankerous and embittered by the changing world, and I hobble through a second-hand car boot sale to see my own vinyl record laying amongst someone’s unwanted junk with a ‘50p’ sticker on it, I will smile my toothless smile for the incomparable joys of tangible music that can be passed around, scratched and gather dust and somehow be all the more pleasurable for it.

I’ll post some pictures of the record being cut once I’ve got them, should anyone share my level of geeky curiosity when it comes to the craft behind analogue sound.

Until then, fare thee well, and thank you for continuing to follow the progress of the new EP and poetry book release, 'A Filthy Hunger'.

John x