Vinyl Release and Tour Beginneth

Tim unboxing the fresh vinyl pressings of Imagined Hymns & Chaingang Mantras.

Dearest ones out there,

Our new album is now available on beautiful 12" vinyl at this magical link. It is, in my humble and ultimately inconsequential opinion, the way it should be heard. We have to thank the wonderful folks at Key Production for helping us get the records in time for our London launch this week, which was a bloomin' monumentally wonderful first show of the tour for us. Thanks to all who came to be a part of it, we really felt much love in that room. And special thanks also to those who trotted home carrying the album on vinyl.

The tour is now underway, we are very pleased to be back out there in Reality playing music after such a long time putting the gigs together infront of screens and getting everything ready for the album release. Please do keep spreading the word about our upcoming shows if you know people who might like to come join us for some flailing and wailing - we can only keep travelling and sharing our music because good folks like yourselves come out to support it, so thanks for buying tickets and coming to see us bring the album to life in the flesh.

The full list of dates, once again, is just a button push away right...HERE!

See you out there in a room, I hope...