'We Real Cool' Nick Cave Cover

Hello comrades, and welcome to Monday! I hope you're all well and that you are having nice times.

Life here in Little Unsaidland is typically chaotic right now, as The Little Unminions are all frantically darting around the factory floor, barking orders at eachother and waving important documents in the air as we prepare the final details for our March UK tour. And meanwhile, the album recording sessions are still being finalised and icing is being carefully splurged all over this musical cake.

Whilst trawling through my laptop for bits of missing audio files, I came across this video of a Nick Cave cover that was recorded in Huddersfield late last year. The song, 'We Real Cool', has some of the most absurdly beautiful lyrics touching on everything from the brightest star systems in the galaxy to Wikipedia, and most things inbetween. I hope you enjoy my attempt at it.

More news and teasers from the new album are coming soon. Until then, take care, look after eachother and for goodness sake eat some broccoli.