WELCOME! (Wipe your feet)

BEHOLD! Our new website hath arrived. Scaffolding and dust sheets are mostly gone. There may still be some gremlins hiding here and there and a skip full of junk outside, but it's pretty much fully built. A huge thankyou is owed to Amy Windridge for the beautiful illustration, Alex Horsfall for invaluable help with the design, and Chris Beresford and his team at We Are Devoted for the technical genius that birthed it, bloodied and screaming, into the worldwideweb.

To celebrate the arrival of this site I've unleashed a new track (more to come soon) from some solo recording I've been doing in the lonely hours. It's a reworking of a track you may or may not have heard before, with a new arrangement. Have a listen above and download it for free if you fancy.

I'm going to be playing some solo shows in April, mostly in the Southwest of England, with the Devon-dwelling troubadour Tobias Jacob. After that I'm going to be doing some dates elsewhere in the UK, so far one date in Manchester to share but more on the way. The dates are:

12th April - Exeter, Barnfield Theatre

13th April - Totnes, Barrelhouse

14th April - Redruth, Melting Pot Cafe

19th April - Norwich, Bicycle Shop 

3rd June - Manchester, Odd Bar

See the 'Live' page for more details on these. That's all from me for now. Plenty more news, updates, mindless-moments-of-mind-boggling-murmurings and general aliterating fun to come now that this page is up and running. And, obviously, more new music.

For now, adieu, and enjoy the Springing.

John x