Words from 'Dig For The Promise'

For many moons various people have been sending me messages across the big Internet requesting that the lyrics from the new album be made available to read, presumably in the hope that they can decipher some fragments of meaning from my mumblings. I've taken much delight in reading people's misheard interpretations over the years ('jump on my face' and 'my mum is in the boat' being my two personal favourite misheard lines) but appreciate that it can enhance people's appreciation of the music when they actually know what is being said. So after finally getting round to typing the words out on a computer, they're now published on the above 'Words' page for all to gander at whilst making confused utterances such as 'hmmmmm?' and 'gaaaggghhh?'.

I'm hoping to publish some sort of small book of words on pages this winter, which will include some song lyrics from the past three years and also plenty of other collections of words that I've been filling notebooks with over the years. I don't know if anyone would be interested in that sort of thing, but I'll probably do it anyway because it might be fun. It'll have a few doodles in it too. I enjoy doodles.